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Friday January 12th Update On "Lies Of The Heart" Episode 278-280

While being interrogated and grilled, by Shashi and kanchan insistently, She starts crying profusely. Shashi tells radha that her crying isn't going to help, and that she would have to be thrown out, unless she tells them who is she wearing the mangalsutra for. She asks radha to tell everything. All tensedly wait for radha to speak, while Samrat is shocked. When she doesn't, shashi asks her to be thrown out, as her husband would fend for her. samrat meanwhile is shocked as to what would happen now, and intervenes asking where would she go, in this dire situation.

Radha is scared. Samrat asks her to tell it to everyone, while shashi is shocked. He puts the idea in their mind, that maybe she wore it in god’s name. Kanchan asks if she wore this in God’s name. samrat takes this point, while shashi is confused. He says that radha keeps going to the temple, and then radha too succumbs to this lie only. kanchan’s gesture immediately changes, while samrat breathes a sigh of relief. Shashi is still baffled, while all others smile at all this. shashi asks radha why wasn't she saying anything. samrat asks them to get to work. radha is still scared, while shashi is frustrated. samrat hollers at all of them to get going with unpacking.

In her room, while radha is in incoherent tears, saying that she had to lie. Samrat says that he too doesnt like this. radha asks him to share this with the fanily. He asks if she is thinking of ruining him. She vehemently denies. He asks her why is she doing this then. She says that its their family, and they wouldn't do him any harm if they know this. He wonders how to get out of this situation, as she has driven him nuts. He composes himself, and says that he can say, but this fact can be used against him in any which way, as he doesn't trust anyone, and one mistake can spoil them forever, and he won't get a divorce, and she wouldn't be able to become his wife. she says that she understands but she doesn't like to lie. he asks her to sit down, and says that she is doing good, and that god would repay her back, as lies told for a good intention is good. He says that once all this is over, then he would stand for her. He then tries to emotionally blackmail her, if she doesn't believe him, as he did exactly what she said, and then now if anything happens, he would kill himself. this works, and she falls for this sweet trap.

Urmi wonders who that girl is. Ishaan says that whoever she is, she would help them. urmi asks why would she give testimony for them, against samrat. ishaan says that she is being tortured by samrat, and when they tell her what urmi went through with samrat, she would stand up for urmi, being a woman herself. urmi asks why would she believe them, as she doesn't know. He asks her not to be a pessimist, and think about how can give her info about that girl. she says hat aditi was there, but now there’s none who can tell her about them. he asks her to think of someone else then. Urmi gets an idea, and says that there’s one person who can tell them. He asks her to approach that person, and find out, and urmi gets to thinking.

The next morning, while urmi waits impatiently, she is happy to find mukti having come to meet her. mukti says that he found safe time out, to come without anyone seeing him. She thanks him and then asks about his well being. Mukti says that he doesn't like it at home, as everything has changed, and samrat is going for the worse with each passing day. He asks what's the problem, and if everything is okay. She says that all is okay, and tells about shaurya’s custody case, and says that she needs his help. He tells about the family shifting to the guesthouse, for renovation of the original mansion. She then asks about the new girl. Mukti identifies her as radha, and then tells her everything, as to how she came here, and that she isn't married. she says that she knows that she is married. He says that he doesn't know of her being married. urmi is baffled, wondering what's the matter. She asks if he knows anything else. Mukti tells all that he knows. Mutki asks her not to tell samrat that he came here to meet her. she assures him that she wont say anything, and then mukti takes his leave. urmi meanwhile is baffled about radha.

Urmi comes home and relates everything to ishaan. they think that there’s more to the situation than it seems. They are boggled, about radha’s marital status. She isn't hopeful that radha would help them, as kanchan wont let her to, as even rudra didn't support her. ishaan says that there’s no fault in trying, as they have to gather evidence against samrat to prove that he is characterless. urmi however is sure, that there’s none in that family who would stand up for her, and testify against samrat in the court.

While Niranjan glaots about his victory on the phone, samrat comes in. samrat comes in complimenting him that he called him even before the time limit, and that the minute his ass was on fire, he came on track, and starts ranting bout how smart he is, that he put a stop on niranjan’s increasing tab. Nirajan asks if he is so silly to think that samrat’s fees is what pulls him through, as he has many such clients. Samrat continues to taunt him, that he does nothing but despises his clients, and makes a fool for them. He asks him whats niranjan’s final move, that would get them an assured victory. niranjan says that there’s a way. He says that they would have to buy the judge of the family court, and that they wont have to resort to false witnesses, and false testimonies. Samrat is tensed, asking what he thinks of himself, and if he is a fool. He asks why he needs his lawyer then, if he has to bribe the judge. He says that from this moment, he is off the case. niranjan says that the judge isnt his relative, and if he goes to bribe him, he would be sent to jail. samrat says that nobody can do that to him. Niranjan says that anybody cant go in and bribe the judge, as that's handled by highly trustworthy people. He says to samrat that unfortunately for him, niranjan is running his case, and he better be good to his own lawyer. Niranjan eyes him tersely while samrat fumes with anger and frustration.

Sanam finally concedes as he has no other option. He asks niranjan to get ahead with it, as he can't wait anymore. They both tensedly eye each other.

Shaurya is very excited to meet santa cluz for christmas tomorrow. ishaan excitedly tells shaurya about what happens in Christmas. urmi and tiwariji smile, while shaurya gets to preparing the wish list. Ishaan says that they cant give time to shaurya in the custody case. Urmi gets emotional says that she knows, but once this all is over, she would get to it, but right now, amidst all this, she doesn't feel like celebrating anything. Ishaan asks her to have hope as the lord is great. urmi smiles.

Anu is advised by urmi, to get ahead and move on with life, as what happened was a bad dream, and she wasn't at fault. She tells Anu that all want her to get married, as all want her to be happy. She sounds surprised that all of them want this. Urmi says that they all are scared of her, and her reaction, and hence no-one brings this up. urmi says that's why she decided to talk to her. Anu asks about Ishaan, and what does he want. urmi says that he too wants her to marry, as this is the right time to get married, as once that happens, she would forget everything, as he too wants good for her. Anu is disbelieving thinking that ishaan said yes to marrying her. Urmi says that if she says yes, then all agree, and that first ishaan wants her to say yes, only then the marriage shall proceed. Anu gets shy and says that if they all want, and ishaan wants this too, then she agrees to marriage. urmi hugs Anu in happiness. Ishaan stands on the door finding them like this, sounding surprised. urmi nods that she agreed, and ishaan is happy for anu.

Radha takes a stroll outside in the guesthouse, waiting for samrat. she hurries to him, as he arrives in the car. she starts pointing out as to how late he was, and she got very tensed. Samrat starts lashing out at Radha for being so nosey. She asks what's he saying, as she is his wife, and hence is concerned for him, and is just asking where he was. He asks her to stop interfering in his life, and that he would get her down to size, in a minute, and asks her to stay in her limits. He leaves angrily. radha is shocked.

The next morning, radha is emotional, and asks kanchan if breakfast should be ready. kanchan points out how she has been very upset since last night. shashi frustratedly asks what's the matter, and asks her to get over it. radha doesn't reply and leaves. But kanchan stops her, and asks if anyone said anything to her. Shashi gets concerned, and asks kanchan to stop asking questions like this, as she must have seen a bad dream. kanchan asks her not to bother herself. Shashi too says that she shouldn't upset kanchan and her family. Kanchan asks her to go to her room and rest. She silently complies. kanchan is tensed.

Niranjan teases samrat, as he waits impatiently for niranjan to speak out, if the judge agrees. Niranjan says that he did talk, and gave a proposal, but shall wait for the judge’s reaction, as he was against it at first, but he finally was able to convince him. He says that there’s a small problem, and that he is asking for double, 50 lakhs. samrat gets berserk, and asks if he has gone mad. niranjan says that this is a big crime, and what if the judge is leaked, and if he favours him, then the judge shall be on the streets. Samrat asks him to bargain, while getting frustrated at the situation he is in. Niranjan says that 50lakhs is nothing against urmi’s loss, and shaurya’s custody, and most of all keeping samrat’s head high and his ego intact.Samrat is tensed, asking what he did, and again starts pointing out what all dialogues he gave which were completely false. Niranjan says that he has accepted that the biggest mistake of his life is meeting him. Samrat says that he too did the same, and that he wont be able to get away with this. niranjan says that the relation that doesn't have trust is worthless. niranjan says that they shall fight the case, and even if urmi wins, and shaurya loses, but his 50 lakhs should be intact. He starts dialling, and samrat asks him to put it down irritably. Niranjan smiles. Samrat tells him that he is already sucked up, and niranjan is exploiting him all the more. He agrees to giving money, but starts lashing out at him, that he wont be able to bear all this.

Radha is berserk and crying, remembering how samrat got angry at her last night. samrat comes in, asking why is she overreacting. radha says that she didn't like it, and that she never got this treatment from him earlier. he asks why does she do this then, and starts emotionally blackmailing him, that if this continues she wont be able to become his wife ever. Radha is emotionally blackmailed by samrat, saying that he is in such worse conditions, due to urmi, having driven him nuts, that he says anything to anyone, and vents out his frustration and lashes out at whoever’s before him, and asks being his wife, who shall understand him, if not her. He says that now if she does this, then she would be just like urmi. she denies doing it. samrat continues to rant about urmi, and smiles as he sees radha falling in his trap. He successfully managers to get her sympathy, and then leave, in a haste, as he hears footsteps, once she admits that she wont say anything after this. radha says that she cant see samrat being in such a tormented state anymore, as he wont let him be like, when she is beside him. She says that she would have to meet urmi, and Urmi wont be able to do anything wrong anymore. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

Radha, while working in the kitchen, wonders where urmi lives. radha overhears shashi talking to the prospective buyer of the haveli. after she is done, radha asks shashi that she must have been very relaxed when urmi went out, and tries to find out where she lives currently. Shashi glaots and tells everything, as to where urmi stays. radha gets the info she wanted. Shashi leaves.

Later, when shashi hollers at radha for tea, kanchan tells her that she isn't at home, and has gone to the temple. Shashi says that she goes to the temple too often, and thinks that she doesn't like her behaviour lately, and asks kanchan to keep an eye on her, to find out what she is up to. kanchan waives it off, but shashi is sure that she is doing something wrong, and asks her to control radha. kanchan gets tensed.

The entire family celebrates christmas, decorating the house. Just then, a delivery boy gives a parcel, which contains a court hearing dated 31.12.2014. urmi is shocked to hear this date, and collapses on the sofa. ishaan is tensed. All are shocked to find urmi stunned, and ask what happened. ishaan tells her that its urmi’s marriage anniversary. Sushma is tensed too.

As the party begins, shaurya wonders when shall santa come, as he is waiting for him. just then, the lights go off, and ishaan comes in dressed as santa and all are amused. he plays along with the children, while they all ask gifts from him. He did the role, and then opens his basket and gives them gifts. Asha too asks gaurav to get a gift for their son. ishaan then goes to shaurya, asking if he doesn't need any gift from Santa. shaurya says that he wants his desired gifts, and santa agrees. He takes urmi’s hands, and tells that he wants all the happiness for urmi, and that santa should take away all the tears, and give her the smile back, and take away her sadness, and give her joy and laughter. All get emotional, while tears roll down urmi’s cheeks, as he hugs urmi. Ishaan composes himself, with much difficulty, and then pats shaurya’s head, saying that shaurya’s wish is his command then. He tells urmi that he shall take away urmi’s tears and give her lots of smiles. urmi starts smiling, amidst the tears. She pats shaurya, who thanks santa. Urmi kisses shaurya and takes him in her lap. Shaurya is asked by santa, to come in his lap, and kiss him. shaurya complies. he then gets shaurya and all the other children to dance with him. Then ishaan asks if they all want to go outside and play. the children rush out. Ishaan and urmi are shocked to find radha standing in the doorway.

Once all the children go outside, radha begins to lash at urmi, siding with samrat, empathising with him, asking what she wants, and asks her to let samrat be. All are puzzled, Sushma asks what nonsense is she talking. radha says that she wont be able to exploit samrat anymore, and that if she continues this anymore, then she would face dire consequences by her, as she wont be able to bear it anymore, and then she wont care if she is alive or not, and urmi too. all are boggled, as to why is radha talking like this. she says that this time, she is explaining her, but next time she wont, and urmi should get this straight. radha begins to leave, but urmi stops her. radha turns around. urmi says that she is reprimanding her in her own house, but on what pretext, as she is no-one to samrat, and she being the wife, has all the rights to do whatever she wants to do with her husband. radha keeps vehemently protesting that he isn't her husband anymore. She asks why is radha so tensed to see samrat upset, and that there must be some relation. Radha says that whatever it be, and if he is the slightest bit upset, then she would kill urmi. urmi asks why is she bothered. urmi says that he shall always be related to her. she says that he is the father to her son, and hence this relation shall be forever. radha says that he isn't her husband, and to her, he means nothing, as he isn't her husband too. She asks if she has an illegitimate relation with him. urmi is confronted by radha, who advocates for samrat. urmi gets angry and asks how can she support a stranger, and doing all this, while her husband is blinded, and doesn't have any clue as to what's going on. she says that she being befooled by samrat, and nothing else. She asks radha how can she be so shameless. Radha says that she isn't doing anything wrong or a sin, and adds that samrat isn't a stranger to her, but is her husband. urmi is shocked to hear this. ishaan and sushma are speechless.

Radha tells urmi, that she was the past, and she herself is the present. she says that she is wearing the mangalsutar for samrat, and no-one else. she says that she is his wife, and he her husband. urmi and others listen shocked. radha leaves. She finds children playing outside, and shaurya aplogises to her, for hitting the ball too hard at her feet. Radha asks him if he is shaurya, and then asks if he doesnt miss his father, as he misses him daily. Shaurya is shocked and scared by even the mention of samrat.

Inside, ishaan tells her that its good radha came here, and they talked so much, or else they wouldn't have known this ever. ishaan says that they got hold of a big info, and they accidentally stumbled on the right path, shown by god. Gaurav is shocked that samrat did something so low. sushma says that she isn't surprised, as this is expected by samrat, who can do anything. gaurav starts reprimanding samrat. asha asks him how could they get urmi married to such a man. urmi sits tensed, asking she doesn't understand how samrat did this, without anyone’s knowledge. ishaan says that he thinks even his family doesn't know. Shaurya comes in asking who that lady was. all are tensed. He narrates everything. To divert him, Ishaan asks shaurya that he wanted urmi to be happy, and hence he should assume that santa fulfilled his wish. Shaurya is surprised. Ishaan says that Santa fulfilled his wish, in the form of the lady who just got out. Urmi is shocked, while shaurya gets happy.



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