Thursday, 7 December 2017

OPINION: Ladies Beware! Marrying A Jobless Man Could Cost You Your Life

By Anayo M. Nwosu

I didn’t know how to let Lovina, my old time friend, know that the man she was about to marry was no good?

I could see through the guy and his plot and was so sure that the man Lovina had fallen for was a gold digger. I know when I see them.

My inertia or delay not to caution Lovina was worsened by the mere fact that Lovina was already 36years old and was very anxious to of have a man as a husband.

A lady  can only marry a man bold enough to propose to her. Ochuba saw this weakness of a need in his prey and was quick to propose to Lovina after two weeks of meeting for the first time.

Lovina was not gifted with beauty as all her embodiments were sparse and not so attractive to men of choosy who seek for bodily features to gravitate them towards a woman.

Lovina was as flat in front as she was at the back. Her complexion was not as bright as her intelligence and industry. A man has to be attracted by feminine features first before getting to discover the beautiful inside.

As the best graduating student, Lovina was employed straight from school by a bank where she also did her mandatory youths service. She rose to become a senior manager in the Information Technology Department of her bank.

She also invested wisely.

Ochuba must have done a thorough background check on Lovina before he charmed her at The Palms Mall, Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.

“Baby girl, I would love to know you and be your friend”, was the cupid arrow Ochuba shot at Lovina as she was parking her groceries into the booth of her car.

With the smoothness of a Casanova, Ochuba helped Lovina to arrange groceries in the car. Done parking, dropped his card and drove off. He had set his trap and was so sure that Lovina would be entrapped.

If Lovina had not made that call later in the evening to thank Ochuba for his kindness, she probably would have been alive today.

A “thank you” call ended up lasting an hour fifteen minutes.

By the time I got to know that Ochuba had soaked into Lovina’s innermost being like a drop of kerosene on a linen material.

Lovina was completely neck deep in love with a man who treated her beyond her expectations. She never believed that a man as handsome as Ochuba would wink at her not to call her “my baby”!

Ochuba was an over-pampered son of a former rich man. He had seen wealth, enjoyed wealth and was very spoilt in the ways of the world.

This experienced lover boy could take Lovina on a journey from Nigeria to Congo, Bermuda, Las Vegas, Paris, Holland and back to Nigeria in one night and on one bed.

Ochuba knew where to touch and how long to stay to make Lovina wax a record of disconcordant music.

Lovina was married to Ochuba within months of courtship. Soon after, Ochuba began to play his second script.

Within 6 months, he had completely reduced Lovina to a play thing.

Ochuba lied to Lovina that he was a government contractor. All the stories that he was being owed were fabricated. He was not ashamed that he was living off a woman. He was rather proud that he was able to impregnate Lovina within weeks of their marriage.

Six months after the birth of their first child ,Ochuba planted another seed inside Lovina. The seed germinated into twins to the glory of God.

Lovina would not have minded carrying the load of three children and the fineboy husband if Ochuba her husband would stop battering her.

As I look at the obituary of Lovina last month and reminisce on the story that she fainted and couldn’t be resuscitated after the husband hit her in the head, my heart goes to many women who married their non-economically useless husband out of love and are now being rewarded with beating and dehumanisation by the very husbands they carry as loads on the head.



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