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Friday December 1st Update On Love Oh Love’ Episode 228 - 230

Akshat decides to go back to office, and Arpita starts chatting with Smile buddy, talking about her dilemma and torment in the family, and also tells him that she gets bored as she doesn't have her work. Her chat friend tells her that she got her license back, and asks her to check her mail. She asks how did he know and if he got it done, and he responds by smiling. She is excited that her jewellery making license gets reinstated thanks to her Smile buddy and asks how is he related to the jewellery association and asks who is he. But he log out. She is confused, and then is happy to get her work back.

Later on the road, Avni waits to meets her mother Bhawna, as she arrives in her car. Bhavna gets out of the car to meet Avni, who too comes out of the car, distraught and overwhelmed to hug her, but she stops her. Avni is shocked as her mother gets angry with Avni and stops her from calling her as mother, and declares that she is not her daughter anymore. Avni is appalled. She says that she is ashmaed to be her mother, and refuses to listen to anything by Avni, and that she knew about her mother’s mistakes in the past, and she believed her more than herself, but she let her down completely. Avni tries to tell the reason, but Bhawna tells her that no reason can justify what she did, and asks her not to try and meet her ever, as she doesnt have any relation with her anymore, and that she is not her daughter, but the wife to her son’s murderer. Bhavna walks ahead, when Avni stops her from behind. She turns around and tells Avni that in Abhay's murder, she is equally convicted as much as he is. She storms ahead, while Avni stands dazed as her mother breaks every relation with her. Bhavna sits in the car and leaves, while Avni keeps trying to explain herself. She is distraught.

At Raj’s residence, as Avni heads to her room, Raj comes to her, saying that he never thought that she could stoop so low, to malign his mother, and she says that she is just reciprocating the favour, that his mother did to Arpita by wrong accusations, and this time, it's her turn to pay back. Avni turns around and starts walking. She thinks that this is the time to let her family know her true purpose of being here. Raj thinks that he would have to stop this game, before his family is ruined anymore, due to Avni. Raj calls the police, and finds that he is unable to talk to his mother. Vikram goes to talk. Virat instigates Raj that Avni has shaken the family, and that he is scared of her next move. Raj’s tensed hearing this.

Avni looks at her family photo and hopes once they find out she has come here for revenge, they will understand her. Raj storms in the room. Avni asks him to leave, but both get into an argument as he says he’s her husband and it’s their room. He tells her that her fear is going to come true and that since she is now his wife legally, he has all the rights over her. He tries to force himself on her. Avni asks him to stop, but he keeps chasing her. Avni manages to run outside the room, but no one else is at home. Raj grabs her and after struggling for a while, Avni pushes him and he falls down the stairs

At Suket's residence, Avni’s parents look at Avni and Abhay’s photo. Avni’s mother Bhavna says parents make their children reason to live and both their children left them. Now it feels like their life is stopped. Avni’s father Suket says his daughter taught him never to trust anyone. Tears fall from his eyes as he leaves. Avni’s mum says she’s mother in the end and wishes Avni stays happy wherever she is.

At Raj's residence, Raj falls unconscious and does not wake up. Avni says he deserved this as punishment. She thinks he’s doing drama, but he’s really unconscious. She then gets tensed and tries to wake up Raj, but in vain. Later, Avni too falls unconscious in tension and later she gets a dream where she sees both of them dead as their souls come out. Raj tells Avni he’s going for ever. He always loved her and he never wanted this hatred and revenge kind of life. Avni says he can’t go. He says if that’s how she can be happy, then so be it. Raj’s soul leaves. Avni immediately wakes up in a shock. She asks Raj to open his eyes. Raj’s entire family comes in attending to him and they call the doctor. Virat accuses Avni for attempting to kill Raj and goes on to call the police. Virat tells whole story to police and blames her responsible for Raj's condition. The police say they will need confirmation from Raj before arresting Avni. They go to Raj, but Raj defends Avni in front of the police and calls the incident an accident. He apologizes to the police and they leave. Raj's entire family get furious with Raj why he saved Avni. Avni is surprised to hear this that Raj still saved her despite all the hatred, there’s still love. Raj says in his mind that the love will never end. Avni tells Madhuri she will stay with Raj as she’s his wife, but Madhuri refuses with a no answer. However, Raj tells Madhuri to let Avni stay. Madhuri leaves.

While Raj and Avni are alone. Avni later starts taking care of Raj, she helps him sit up and takes care of his wound, Baawre song plays in the background as they get closer. Avni then goes to get water when she hears Virat saying all his effort is going waste because of this love story. Avni wonders what he meant. On the other hand, Raj also thinks there’s something else and both Raj and Avni decide to anyhow find out who is behind all this chaos in their lives.

At Avni’s residence, Arpita speaks to her Smile buddy and finally decides to meet her smile buddy and when she gives an ultimatum to her online friend, that she will go back to work only when he meets her first. Smile buddy agrees and asks her to meet at the same cafe where she and Akshat had met for the first time

he agrees and asks her to meet him at the coffee shop. She gets excited and wears her favourite dress, which she remembers she hasn't worn since after her marriage.

At Raj's residence, Avni finds Virat receiving a call, and then moving out, and decides that this is the right time to find the truth. She starts searching in Virat’s room, and finds a toll tax ticket, for umtagaon, and then finds that it's dated on the same day, she was in Umatgaon, and then wonders what Virat was doing there. She is determined to find out. Avni calls up her Umatgaon relative, and then she gets to know the reality about Virat and all his crimes with Sangeeta, and Avni. She tells about Virat instigating the villagers to kill Avni, and now wants to ruin their happiness. She is shocked to finds out that Virat was trying to kill her while she was in Umadh Gao and also realizes that Virat has been having a grudge against her family since a long time and walks out too.

At the same time, while Madhuri is arranging his clothes, Raj’s wallet falls out, which reminds him that he never kept the wallet on the crime scene and then wonders how it reach there, and that too with the contents strewn around. He thinks that there’s definitely someone involved, who implanted these evidences, and made him look like the murderer. He is determined to find out who the person is. He remembers having brought back the wallet and license back to the house. He wonders who could have disappeared his wallet to the crime scene. Raj says that no one knew that he was going to meet Abhay except for Virat. He is shocked as he learns that his wallet was put at the murder scene by none other than his own uncle Virat and he understands that Virat had killed Abhay and had framed him. He walks out. He finds Avni, and she tells him about Virat trying to kill her in Umtagaon, and then Raj and Avni later discuss everything with each other completely, when Raj tells her that he had killed Abhay, and then he got him convicted. She is appalled, while Raj consoles and comforts her, saying that Virat made them believe that he killed Abhay. As they both finally figure out that Virat is responsible for everything that’s happened. Avni is sorry that she hurt Raj and his family, and that she hates herself. Raj kisses her hands, and apologises too, for hating her and her family, and how they wronged each other. She says that she thought she had lost him, and then hugs him. He too reciprocates. Raj and Avni are unable to understand and frustrated to find that they have no other evidence against Virat, and decide that Abhay soul will rest in peace only when he is punished for his crimes, and try and outsmart his moves, by gathering evidences against him and both decides to look for more clues against Virat. Raj finds his bank statements, and is shocked, that he has stolen crores of rupees from his father. Avni tries to say that they should go to his father Vikram that they find out that Virat had been steadily stealing the money from the company and had been transferring the money to his own account but Raj says that they are all influenced by Virat, and they need something more solid. They break into his safe, through the keys, and try and find out his transactions about money and finally get the much awaited details and think that if they match the number, they can find out who Virat was giving the money to.

Meanwhile at the Coffee Shop, Arpita reaches there and then patiently waits for her online friend " Smile buddy", thinking that she is feeling like a young teenager as she used to do with Akshat, and then thinks that she shouldn't meet Akshat, as this would be cheating on him. As she begins to leave, she gets a message from him, that she shouldn't ditch him as he is excited to meet her, and has agreeed only due to her. She gets tensed. She turns around and finds that it's the same cafe where she used to meet with Akshat and is taken back to their romantic days, and gets sad. She decides to leave, as she feels she is cheating on Akshat, but is stopped by a waiter who presents her a coffee, saying that the person over there ordered this for her. She goes to the person, and is shocked when he turns around to find that it's Akshat, and she feels extremely happy to meet him when she learns that her smile buddy is none other than her own husband, Akshat. She is still in a state of shock, at this pleasant surprise, and how he stand by her in all these troubles and torments, and asks why is the need for online friendship arose. He says that he was embarassed at himself, his behaviour and his thiking, and hurt her so badly, and lost his respect in her eyes, and hence decided to start a freindship with her afresh and bring her back to life, and then get her all the more happiness in her life, that Akshat made her miss out on. They confess their love for each other, and Akshat says that he was scared when she wanted to meet her, as he thought she would be angry and reject him once again. She says that she is very happy due to his frank confession today, and that he is not just a husband, but his best buddy. He says that he has fallen in love with her all over again, and is lucky that he got a wife like her and that he is proud of her and her work. They emotionally smile at each other.

At Raj’s residence, Raj and Avni find that Virat has been giving money to every person involved in creating a feud between the families. She also tells about Parvati’s information, and confirms that Virat must have paid everyone, to convict them. They leave the laptop, and decide to go and tell his parents. They find that Vikram is again being instigated by Virat, and that Avni has again captured Raj, and Vikram says that he can trust him, only, and asks him to keep Avni away from Raj. Raj tells Avni that they can't tell anything to his father right now, and hence they should behave as if they are still fighting, and will continue the drama of hating each other, so as not to arouse suspicion in Virat’s mind. Avni agrees with him on this.



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