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[PHOTOS] Why Igwe Ukpor, PG, Other Stakeholders Endorsed Obiano's Re-election

As the chances of Governor Willie Obiano in clinching the November governorship election in Anambra State brightens, the Ukpor community in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State led by its traditional ruler, His Royal Highness, Igwe Felix Onyimmadu, has endorsed him for a second term.

The community took the stand when the former president of Ukpor Improvement Union, Chief Hyacinth Maduagwu organised an event titled, “the primary aim of politics” on November 12th, 2017.

The event was attended by the Igwe of Ukpor, HRM Sir Felix Onyimadu, the President General of Ukpor Improvement Union, Rtd. Col. A Ogunna, the speaker Anambra state house of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Rita Maduagwu, former executive chairman Nnewi south LGA, hon. Ossy Iyiegbu.

Others include: the Senior Special Assistant to the governor on political matters, Hon. Frank Anapusim, former commissioner on public complaints commission FCT, Hon. Obunike Ohaegbu, Dim Nna O and other major Ukpor stakeholders.

In his address, the convener, Chief Hyacinth Maduagwu narrated his sojourn in politics and the need to support the governor for a second term in office.
Chief Hyacinth Maduagwu (Dara Obata Obie of Ukpor)
He said: “Obviously, one thing about politics is interest but whose interest is really important? Personal or community interest?” 

“Politics is just all about community development and I joined for Ukpor interest only. The primary aim of politics is community development because one day, we will all retire. 

“In 1978, I joined U.I.U in Auchi, Edo state. My involvement so far has been for the interest of Ndi Ukpor and I've been participating in all Ukpor affairs till date.

“I started participating actively in politics since 2011. When I was PG of Ukpor, I worked hard for Peter Obi to come to our town but he refused until I contacted an APGA leader. When we finally met him. he offered me a contract but I refused. I wanted him to come to the aid of Ukpor not on personal ground because I strongly believed that community interest should be paramount.

“The current speaker lobbied to be Chairman house committee on education and Ukpor developed in that sector massively because of her position.

“Peter Obi gave her an offer to join APGA with condition. She told him to construct ukpor-Umunuko-Ozubulu road which is about 15km, but Peter refused claiming the road was very long and didn't pass through, at least 3 communities.

“After Peter lost two house members to election petition tribunal, he came back for the offer and the road was finally awarded.

“I'm still in APGA because I've seen all the good things the party has done.

“The current governor is a strong man. Peter Obi employed over 5 thousand workers and conducted LG election at the end of his tenure which was a heavy burden for Obiano's government but he was able to manoeuvre all that and put the state in good shape. 

“When Obiano was elected, there was recession in the country but he managed to sustain the policy and and have done well so far

“Today we have maximum security unlike what we used to have. Obiano has done one tenure and when he completes his tenure, governorship slot will come to Anambra South which Ukpor is part of. 

“Others promised one tenure but we all should understand there's difference between right and privileges. They have the right to contest again and no one can stop them.

“I joined politics because of ukpor interest not to challenge anyone. We can work with APGA so that when we finally get the slot, Ukpor man can develop our place to our satisfaction.

“When Peter Obi contested for the second tenure, Ukpor didn't vote but he won and we suffered the effect

“So we need to support Willie Obiano because it's now obvious that he's going to win,” Chief Maduagwu concluded. 

Meanwhile, Engr Hyacinth Ilechukwu supported his speech, according to him, Ukpor doesn't have alternative in the upcoming election than to support the present government. He begged Ndi Ukpor to support Willie Obiano.
Engr Hyacinth Ilechukwu 
Also Chief COC Ugbaja who said he doesn't belong to any political party talked on the need to support Obiano. According to him, “there's no political order in Ukpor. What we have is just votes hunters.”
Chief C.O.C Ugbaja 
Chief Ugboaja, however, begged the PG and others to find a way to curtail the way some individuals tarnish the image of the town through what they publish in the media and also to intervene in some areas so that Ukpor will have a political direction.

The Igwe of Ukpor also endorsed Obiano's re-election. According to him, no mater the numbers of political party, Ukpor will support their daughter, Rt. Hon. Rita Maduagwu who is the Speaker, Anambra state house of assembly.
The Igwe of Ukpor
Contrary to the above assertions, Dim Nna O Nnakife insisted that Ndi Ukpor do not need to put their “eggs in one basket, hence the need for diversification.
Dim Nna O Nnakife
Bar. Obunike Ohaegbu who thanked Chief Maduagwu for organising such event supported what Dim Nnakife said on diversification. He equally insisted that everyone must not be in one party.
Hon. Obunike Ohaegbu
Mr. Hyacinth Arinze supported Willie's re-election because, according to him, Ndi Ukpor will benefit more.
Mr. Hyacinth Arinze
High Chief Ossy Iyiegbu, the former Nnewi South LG Chairman said Ndi Ukpor need to support the governor as APGA is only Igbo party left. He also stated that “it's not a must that everyone must vote at one place but there's a need to stay at a place which will be beneficial to all.”
Chris Nwachukwu, Ikenna Amechi, Ossy Iyiegbu and Chibueze Igwe
Also speaking, the President General of Ukpor Improvement Union, Rtd. Col Ogunna equally endorsed Obiano's re-election, insisting that Ndi Ukpor have no other choice. He stated that he has no party but since the speaker of Anambra state house of assembly is from Ukpor, he's going to support her.
President General of Ukpor Improvement Union, Rtd. Col Ogunna
According to Hon. Ikenna Amechi, with his experience as former chairman house committee on finance and appropriation, Ukpor road is one of the longest single roads under construction in Anambra state with over 15 kilometres and no government would complete such huge project in a single year. He praised the speaker for her doggedness and perseverance towards ensuring a robust development in her constituency.

The speaker Anambra state house of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Rita Maduagwu urged Ndi Ukpor to appreciate all her efforts so far by voting for Willie Obiano.

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