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Tuesday November 14th Update On ‘Hello Pratibha’ Episode 93 - 95

Sunidhi says if they all will go with Pratibha to Kolkata then she will get distracted but in reply Pratibha says that if her family will be with her she will be more confident in the finals. Mahen says that a family is the support and a shield and if they all go with Pratibha to Kolkata then no one can defeat her. Sunidhi feels that her plans are destroyed hearing this.

A jealous Sunidhi, standing nearby, crafts her plan on how to stop Pratibha from gaining her stardom. Later in the night, the bell rings on the door and Partibha goes to see a boy in a cap hiding his face. The boys says that he is the cousin of Pihu friend Shalini and is here to give her some notes. He claims that he is in a hurry and to get Pihu so that he may get back on his way. Pihu suddenly comes there and seeing him is amazaed as Shalini never introduced her cousin to her ( Pihu ). He then gives her the notes and Pihu gets scared seeing it. Sunidhi saw everything from the back and gives a sudden gringe. Pihu rushes to her room and finds letter which is from the blackmailer demanding more 20000 rupees. She calls Shalini to ask if she also got a letter and Shalini decline that she got any letter and says that she will talk to her after some time. Pihu then calls her friend one by one but they all refuse to help her. Pihu then cries and says that the blackmailer only gave the letter to her and from where will she arrange this amount of money. Partibha then drops a mirror and says that she feels that something is not right even though she has the full support of Mahen and her family but still she feels scared then Mahen confirms. Partibha says that something is wrong and it will happen. Mahen tells her that when something big is about to happen in the life then things feel wrong but assures her that everything is all right. Pratibha then goes to Pihu's room who is lying on her bed and does not turn back. Partibha gets worried and Pihu thinks of what her father said earlier. Pihu says that when they will go to Kolkata she has to say something to her. Partibha says that she can say anything to her whenever she likes and then tells her to go to sleep. Sunidh after throwing a piece of paper thinks that if Pihu finds out that the massage was a lie then all her plan will be overrun. Sunidh then decides that to scare Pihu even more and she has to write another letter. Partibha gets up and talks to Mahen while she is sleeping that she want to tell him something if he is not asleep then Mahen gets up and holds Pratibha back when she is about to leave and starts talking to her. He asks her to tell what is in her heart and tells that she will win in kolkota. Mahen then hugs her. Partibha then goes to wake Anmol and Pihu. She finds a letter

In the morning, Pratibha comes to the kids room to wake them up, she sees some papers on the table but before she could see them, they fell down. Peehu wakes up and is happy she will get rid of the blackmailers when she go to Kolkatta. She urges Anmol to wake up too, Pratibha says Peehu seems to be the most eager to go to Kolkatta. At the table, Sunidhi offers to serve Pratibha and is extremely happy that Peehu is not even on the table, but just then, she sees Anmol and Peehu coming. Peehu repeatedly reminds her father that they are getting late. Sunidhi is worried if Peehu has read the note she kept on her table or not. Later,  while Peehu looks for her sandals in her room, Sunidhi comes to her room and tells her to change into some other dress than black and also offers to look for her sandals. Peehu tells Sunidhi that she has packed all her clothes and she will change in train. Sunidhi notice the note lying behind her bed and keeps it on her bag; she tells Peehu to leave soon; Peehu picks her bag up and was about to leave. Sunidhi asks Peehu what that paper is. Peehu is worried and is shocked to reads it which says "Don’t try to run to Kolkatta as he will follow her there as well. There is a picture of Peehu in the forest as well. Sunidhi asks what this is. Peehu says this is her personal matter. Sunidhi smiles evily and leaves.

Peehu gets a call soon from the blackmailer, that if she doesn’t arrange the money and then warns if she goes to Kolkatta, he will bring police there. Peehu gets much worried. Mahen and Pratibha were going out of the house when Peehu comes out of her room holding her stomach as she fakes having stomach pain just so she doesn't go with her mother and family. Pratibha gets worried. Peehu says she has a stomach pain and she may not come. Pratibha heads for lime water, but Peehu says she might get late this way. Peehu further says she can’t walk or even move. Pratibha shifts her to the sofa and tells Mahen to get the tickets cancelled that she can’t leave Peehu. Mahen asks what about finals competition. Pratibha says they aren’t important than Peehu. Sunidhi thinks what will happen of her plan if the doctor comes, she makes a call to doctor to come home. She asks Sanjeev to go out, Sunidhi promises Pratibha to take care of Peehu, Kaashi also sides her. The doctor arrive and checks on Peehu. He says there is nothing about tension, and gives her a prescription. Mahen says Peehu was going with them and  asks if she can go now. Peehu says she wants to rest at home. The doctor says it would be better if she rests at home. Sunidhi says they are all here to take care of Peehu. Mahen tries to convince Pratibha, that the doctor says he also lives in the neighbourhood and will come as soon as anyone calls. Sunidhi smiles that her first plan has got successful.

Pratibha continues to worry about Pihu and doesn’t agree. Peehu sits up and tells her mother not to stop her dream for her, she promises she will take care of herself. Pratibha then asks Peehu to take care of herself. Everyone leaves, but Pratibha hugs Peehu crying. She tells her to call her for anything and leaves with a heavy heart. She turns to look at Peehu again, waving at her. Peehu waves back.
Peehu cries in her room where she is worried where she will bring 20,000 from. Sunidhi comes with medicine tray and thinks only a little effort is left here. She asks Peehu how she is and asks her to eat some khichdi before medicine and feeds her with her own hand. Peehu thinks Sunidhi is so worried about her and thinks she wil tell her the truth. Peehu tries to tell her but Sunidhi doesn’t listen to her and instead leaves to see Bubu. Peehu cries again whom to share her problem with. Sunidhi peeks inside and thinks she is so innocent that she can’t recognize the real face of a person. She thinks she can just help Peehu by not getting her secret leaked out.

Pratibha is worried about Peehu in the train, but her number was inaccessible. Pratibha writes the message for Peehu to call her as soon as she gets a message as she is worried about her. At the same time, Peehu gets a text message that she did great acting about her illness. They will come to see her with police in the next three hours. Peehu cries. Sunidhi thinks before Peehu tells Mahen and Pratibha about anything, she must begin a plan 2.

Pratibha sits lost in the train thinking about Peehu. Mahen calls her for tea, she says she texted Peehu a long time before and there is no reply. Anmol says in the train there can’t be any network. Peehu finds Sunidhi sitting alone. She thinks she is sitting alone, and it is best time to speak to her and she surely will help her. Sunidhi thinks she has again come to cook her mind up. Peehu says there is something she wants to talk to her. Sunidhi texts her mom to call her, tab rings. Sunidhi tells her mom to return her call in a while, but her mother tells Sunidhi that in her neighbours police took a young boy for stealing. Sunidhi says he left his parents with no respect. Her mom says it is good that their Peehu is such a well brought up girl. Peehu is worried. Sunidhi hangs up and asks Peehu what she was saying. Peehu asks if she makes a big mistake will her parents forgive her. Sunidhi asks if she come to ask her this? Peehu says she was just asking generally. Sunidhi tries to instigate Pihu into running away from home saying she doesn’t know what Pratibha would react as but Mahen is really strict, she says she has a fool-proof plan ready i.e to run away from house. She reminds if she remember that she has done it before during her PTM, and Mahen wasn’t even angry because he was really afraid. Peehu gets up to go inside, Sunidhi asks what she came to say to her about the mistake. Peehu says she had a mistake in maths problem and she will solve it now. Sunidhi thinks she has given such a solution to Peehu and she will work on it.
Peehu comes into the room worried what to do. Everyone’s accusations on her being a murderer and a theif echo in her mind, she shouts and cries thinking about Sunidhi’s given solution. Pihu give in to her aunt's manipulation and thinks about running away from house before anyone comes. Pratibha tries Peehu’s phone but she was busy packing her clothes and crying. She looks at her room for the last time and is about to leave. The landline number rings, Peehu stops at once. Sunidhi thinks why Peehu isn’t leaving, Shalu comes there to attend to the call. Peehu hears this.

Pratibha asks Shalu about Peehu, Shalu says she didn’t see Peehu since morning, and assures her that she will look for her in her room. Pratibha stays on hold. Shalu comes to the room, sees Peehu in bed and says she is sleeping. Pratibha asks her to let her sleep that she will call later. Shalu promise that she will take care of Peehu. Pratibha is relieved hearing this. Sunidhi comes to Peehu’s room and removes the vig from the pillow, she says as soon as Pratibha knows Peehu has run away from the house, she will come back. Her singing and show would be ruined badly. She says now Pratibha’s career would ruin before it is made. In Kolkatta, Anmol enjoyed all the scenes while Mahen notices Pratibha’s worry. Anmol asks them to smile for a selfie. Meanwhile, Peehu cries watching her family photo as she sit on a road side. She walks alone on the streets and cries sitting under a tree where she fell asleep.
Sanjeev gets Mahen’s call, he tells Sanjeev to take care of Peehu as Pratibha is really worried about her. Pratibha sit worried for Peehu. Mahen says she talked to Shalu that Peehu is asleep, since they have come here she should focus on her studies. The director comes to them, he had come for a briefing and tells Pratibha huge companies will sign first five contestants with them. He asks Pratibha to sign a contract with them, and hands it to Pratibha. Pratibha sits on the bed and opens the pen, she thinks for a while and is about to sign on the contract when her phone rings. She says she was waiting for a long time and asks what happened. Shalu is crying and tells Pratibha that Peehu is not in her room and nowhere in the house. Pratibha is shocked and worried.



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