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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

[OPINION] Why Zappacosta Ia A Better Deal For Chelsea Than Chamberlain

By Uche Obaji

For five and half years at Arsenal, Chamberlain struggled to become a midfielder. His dream was to command the same midfield presence as Steven Gerard. At 24, he has failed! Foolish boy with a wrong ambition. He became a regular at Arsenal about 6 months ago when Arsene Wenger discovered his real position - a right wingback.

He flourished there and Antonio Conte offered him an opportunity to step up his career as a wingback but the foolish boy still wanted to be the new Gerard. Despite all the midfield talents at Liverpool, Chamberlain feels he's better than Emre Can, Wijnaldum, Henderson and Keita.

Not many of those who mocked Chelsea for failing to secure the services of Chamberlain would prefer the former Arsenal man to Davide Zappacosta after watching the new boy flourished against Leicester City and Qarabag. His pace, skill, crosses and eye for goal outweigh the versatility and skills of Chamberlain.

When he was squeezed through a slamming transfer window in August, many anticipated a panic buy that would amount to nothing at Stamford Bridge but just two games into his Chelsea career, the Italian has given a full account of himself. With Rudiger, Morata and Bakayoko already impressed Chelsea faithfuls, Zappacosta has also declared himself ready for life at top levels.

Chamberlain began to trend after Champions league matches yesterday and that was a surprise since Liverpool didn't play on Tuesday. I read through some of the tweets and discovered that it was Chelsea fans trolling or rather thanking former Arsenal for 'rejecting' Chelsea's contract offer and allowing The Blues a better deal in Zappacosta.

So, I'm joining the host of Chelsea community globally to say thank you Chamberlain.

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