Wednesday, 13 September 2017

[OPINION] A 'Weaponized' Unity Do Not Last, By Mike Amakaeze

Nationhood and civilization is by subscription, not imposition. Weaponized unity do not last. It can only produce peace of the graveyard.

You see, where I come from, there is an ancient principle called ofo na ogu. It is basically justice- giving every one his due. It is evident in a lot of Igbo proverbs like egbe belu, ugo belu. Let the kit perch and let the eagle perch also. It is the reason there are no empires in Igbo  history. It is the wisdom behind Oha and Eze, the King and his subjects in agreement, not one lording it on the other. To believe in ofo is to believe in the purest form man can be. It is the summary of the christian scripture. Every other thing is commentary, or like we say in Igbo, okwu na eso akuko. Ofo na ogu canvasses for struggle into symphonies and harmonies, not triumphalism. People want out in justice because they are not wanted in by internal colonialists and supremacists, and it is their right, a sacred right, not whimsical right. Justice precedes peace, and peace leads to prosperity. It is the substructure, the foundation of peace and unity.

You don't unleash soldiers from the barracks  against a people for things that are higher than their khaki destinies. You don't decree unity and peace from the barrel of the gun. Round tables will deliver a more lasting result, Mr President.



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