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Monday, 25 September 2017

Movie Highlights: Twist of fate season 2

Twist of fate season 2 will soon be telecast again.

In this season 2 Alia, Tanu and Nikhil will still be making all their evil plans not to let Abhi see pragya but grandma, purab and their team will be with pragya.

Pragya will start working on her own, later Abhi will make pragya her new secretary and fall in love with her.

Tanu and Alia including Nikhil are trying their utmost wicked plan to get Tanu married to Abhi as he doesn't remember pragya although he has fallen in love with pragya as he could only remember that Tanu was the one he wants to marry...

On the wedding day of Tanu and Abhi, grandmother dressed pragya as Tanu and purab makes Tanu unconscious so that the wedding will take place but things did not go as planned as Alia later found out that Tanu was unconscious and they kidnapped(Nikhil) pragya and grandma and her team did not know this.

Later Tanu come to the fire place for the wedding but she falls down and grandma and her team saw it was Tanu and they pray to God, so that the wedding won't take place...

On the sixth rounds of Abhi and Tanu's wedding, Abhi slips and falls down  as he was remembering his past wedding but don't see it clearly.

He faints and was taken to his room. Alia tells him to go and complete the seventh round so that he can now be finally married to Tanu.

He went to complete the rounds, as he wants to take the seventh round, pragya's mother, Sarla arrived and stopped the wedding and she told Abhi that pragya has been kidnapped.

Alia and other evil musketeers tells Abhi to complete the seventh round and go and search for pragya but Abhi goes to look for pragya.

Later, Abhi found pragya where they kidnapped her and they ran away from the kidnappers then and get married again and Tanu was watching this through video call and want to faint.

Finally Abhi is now married to pragya and he remembers all his past but only him and pragya knows he had remembered his past and they have a romantic moment.

Pragya's father was seen in this movie as he is the priest who got Abhi and pragya married again.

pragya's father and her two sisters preeta  and Rishbah will be seen in the new show which is #Horoscope_in_my_fate with other Twist of fate characters..

We'll keep you updated.

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  1. which date with twist of fate part 2 with out on september.