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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Independent Analysis On Anambra Politics: Oseloka, Nwoye, Obiano And Many Other Issues

By, Alex Arinze Ogoke

Oseloka Obaze outing on Channels TV yesterday was very poor. Apparently, he was naive of so many issues surrounding the governance of a state, he was even more naive on the constitution of his party. This is appalling because he served two governors as the secretary to the state government. He was good at defending his political Godfather Peter obi, but couldn't sell himself to the electorate. But because there is more to politics than ones power of conviction or oratory, I won't condemn him completely, but he is a clear example of who a governor should not be . He would do better as the head of a government ministry.

Few weeks from now, Anambra would decide and one of the top five candidates; Tony Nwoye of APC, Oseloka Obaze of PDP, Willie Obiano of APGA, Osita Chidoka of UPP and Godwin Ezeemo of PPA would win.
I honestly think Willie Obiano deserves a second term, however a lot of factors could work against that. Tony Nwoye of APC is Obiano biggest nightmare. Apart from the crave from APC to get hold of more south east state, Tony Nwoye understand politics than other candidates. In 2003, his emerged as NANS president. It was surprising and unexpected . In 2006 he emergence as PDP state chairman in Anambra state.

His emergence sent shock to political observers. He went ahead and personally delivered Andy Ubah at the primaries and Election proper. in 2013, he emerged as the PDP flagbearer after defeating senator Andy Ubah, senator Emmanuel Anosike and a former Minister of women affairs ,Mrs Josephine Anineh at the primaries .  He contested the guber election in 2013 and came second defeating a former governor Chris Ngige and Oil billionaires magnet Ifeanyi Ubah. One of the reasons he lost was the betrayal he got from his party at the national level.

Jonathan and other members of his party were interested in delivering Peter Obi and APGA candidate, in fact, at the rally organised for the PDP Jonathan came and sang praises to Peter obi. Even after the election, when the PDP was calling for a cancellation at the State level, the national and presidency went ahead to congratulate APGA for winning the election.

In 2017, he did what he knows best when he got the APC ticket for Anambra state 2017 election with 2,146 votes(more than half of the total votes cast) against his closest rival Andy Ubah, a former governor and a second term serving senator who scored 931 votes.

To many, tony Nwoye is a greassroot politician, he doesn't put youths under his pay roll to sing his praises on social media, he is not a social media politician, he knows how to get it, when and how. Money has never been an issue to him as the king of oil business Arthur Eze has on many occasions presented Nwoye as his political son and himself as sponsor. His has had his own fair shade of political propaganda, but this hasn't stopped him from moving forward politically.

As Nnewi indigens, a populated city in Anambra state is protesting the way their son Ifeanyi Ubah was robbed off the PDP governorship ticket, Tony Nwoye selected an Nnewi man as his deputy, he smartly choose the son to a strong ally of Nnamdi Kanu as his deputy to get the support of IPOB. with the ruling party at the federal coupled with the goodwill and support of his party, Nwoye is Obiano greatest threat.

This is coming at a period where the APC is craving for more state in the south east to reduce the tension arising from that zone. Nwoye performed well as the PDP chairman where he delivered Andy Ubah as the governor, he also performed well as NANS president and has performed above average as a serving member of the house of representatives.

Obiano on the other hand is banking on the civil servants and political Godfathers to deliver him, he believes his achievements in agriculture, education, the three new flyovers in the state capital and payment of salaries can earn him a second term. He also has whatever benefit that comes with being an incumbent Governor. He has urged Anambarians to embrace his party as this was ojukwu last wish.

Obaze the PDP candidates is a former UN and Nigeria diplomat service official who resigned as the SSG to Obiano . He has chosen the daughter of sir Alex Ekwueme (First vice president of Nigeria and a strong supporter of Willie Obiano) as his deputy, he is banking on the goodwill and popularity of Peter obi as well as his international achievements. Most of the PDP candidates that contested with Obaze has however vowed to make sure the PDP won't emerge victorious at the poll, this particular factor would work against obaze.

Osita Chidoka of UPP is a refined and youthful gentleman whose history and achievements as the FRSC Marshall and state Minister for aviation is unprecedented. However, he doesn't have any known political structure or Godfather ,he is also joining the race with a "not too popular "political party.

The last is the Umuchu born billionaires and business man, Mr Godwin Ezeemo, he has argued that none of the candidates has more investments in the state than he has, he has built a police station and hospital for his people, his poultry and four star hotel has employed lot of Anambra youth, he also has the media on his side, he is a strong media man and the publisher of orient newspaper, he also built the NUJ headquarters in Anambra state.

Obiano surely deserves a second term, but would nwoye and his party whose popularity has reduced give obiano an easy ride to Agu -Awka? Nwoye party is at the national, they crave to be in control of another south east state ,they would employ all they have in Anambra state, Nwoye also has the backing of the God father himself, he is stylishly luring the IPOB through his deputy, he is known for getting party tickets and finishing as the first or runner up.

Money is not an issue here as either the Godfathers or candidates are billionaires except from Osita chidoka who was a minister for three months. It is important to note that money won't be a factor in this election as majority of Anambrarians has decided to vote irrespective of financial inducement.

By, Alex Arinze Ogoke
(A political analyst from IMO State.)

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