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An Open Letter To Nnamdi Kanu, Leadership And The Biafra Campaign By Nathaniel Ndiokwere

As written by Monsignor Nathaniel I. Ndiokwere

Sir Nnamdi Kanu!

The Second Biafra Revolution, whose fire  you rekindled would have died a natural death, been in vain, a wasted energy,  if you were re-arrested and dumped into prison, or died there by beheading and your head thrown into the Atlantic Ocean, and there was no one to take over, to continue from where you stopped, for the realization of the new state of Biafra, an enviable Black African nation. Most of us who would have liked to see the birth of the independent Biafra nation emerge so soon are getting frustrated that some Igbos, NOT Hausa-Fulanis are the ones setting the clock back!

Are there followers to take over from you as you languish in prison again? Do you remember how many times Nelson Mandela was arrested and thrown into prison? Do you know how many years he was incarcerated? Do you remember he contracted TB in prison, but remained calm until he gained freedom and was at last victorious in his campaign for the black majority rule in SOUTH AFRICA. Though not yet fully liberated and his successors not really doing a fantastic job, many IGBO youths have fled to that country in search of greener pastures. The changing nomenclature of colonialist imposed names - personal, cities and countries, is good sign and proof of African liberation from colonial yoke. “South Africa”  is still  a geographical designation! And the whites are still over 80% Masters.

 In the independent nation of BIAFRA, Biafrans will be 100% in-charge of every branch of our national economy and leadership. Only one thing is at state, the LEADERSHIP. This is the heart of the nation’s MANIFESTO! Any  Igbo man or  true Southerner, who sees my “thesis” as a “mad dream” , “fake” or “deceit” is mocking himself, as well as Biafran men and women who lost their lives in the 1967-1970 Nigeria- BIAFRA war.

Nigeria continues to remember with great pride and Nostalgia, those they claim to have fought Great War “TO KEEP NIGERIA ONE!” And in emphasizing their victory in  “crushing Ojukwu and rebel Biafra”, they make us lick our wounds. And not just that, when the present Nigerian leadership tells Biafrans that “Nigerian unity is not negotiable”, like the colonialist BOOERS of South Africa, the Nigerian Muslim Cabal tell us they are completely in control . And some human beings who still retain Igbo citizenship ask for ‘proof’ that Igbos are “marginalized” in the present marriage with Nigeria which every right thinking individual says has been hurting and  long overdue for dissolution!


And so they pursued the Lord Jesus. And his  sworn enemies planned to arrest him at every occasion he appeared in public to teach, but they were either afraid of him or his followers. At a time they were so angry with him over his vehement condemnation of their wicked leaders and their political and religious institutions. Once, a time the authorities were so frustrated; they sent the army, with tanks, grenades and guns to arrest  Jesus. But the soldiers returned empty handed; sent back with no one in chains! “Why didn’t you arrest him!” “Sir! We have never seen anyone who spoke like him!” “He must be a prophet” “And him followers trusted in him”. His followers  were ready to fight us if we touched him!”

And truly they could not arrest him, with thousands of Roman soldiers deployed in every city, Jesus went to preach, in spite of many armored tanks and other military hardware, mounted all over the public places.  It was only by treachery, bribe and in the dark they arrested, the man, the rebel, the freedom fighter, that terrorized them! Jesus, the Christ! It was one of his closest friends, who took bribe and helped his enemies to arrest him and put him to death. But after his death, his disciples continued his movement today, begun some 2000 years ago! Just an analogy.


NNAMDI Kanu speaks well. He is intelligent rebel leader. He can argue convincingly and grant interviews to any caliber of inquirer. He can speak his native Igbo language better than any Igboman I have known. He speaks impeccable British English with little Igbo accent,  no  adulterated gutter dialect or pidgin. He already perfected his public speech with the long-time “BIAFRA-NNANDI-TALK-SHOW Radio Broadcasts. He is well versed in Igbo-Nigerian History, ancient and modern.

NNAMDI KANU is a great orator and few African diplomats and politicians can face him in open debate, as one finds during election primaries. He must have scored ‘A1’ in international law and customs and perhaps ‘A’ in anthropology and World Religions. No wonder he knows much better about CHUKWU ABIAMARA (corrupt version of God of Abraham), the ancient God, that   both the Igbos and the Israelites of old, adopted, among so many other gods, as the Supreme Being, and worshipped him, till date. Don’t you see that NNAMDI Kanu qualifies more than many Igbos to lead a movement such as IPOB! The only last assurance or ‘vow’ every patriotic Southerner would demand  from him is incorruptible leadership by example! NNAMDI Kanu or any Southerner (he doesn’t need to be Igbo) who pledges such ‘loyalty’ can rule Biafra forever!  ANY IGBO, ANY SOUTHERNER IS FREE TO CHALLENGE NNAMDI KANU  AND TAKE UP LEADERSHIP!


You must not be intimidated by the threats of your arrest. Many Igbo elites (outside those who belong to UKPABI ASIKA camp) recognize you as possible Biafra leader. Some are even my superiors, more powerful, intelligent and experienced than I am. They are waiting for you to prove your ‘stability’ in this movement before they come open to support you. They believe that Biafra is the only reasonable option for IGBOS and all SOUTHERNERS. Here are some ‘side comments’ you may not fail to address as you go on your mission pursuing, like MARTIN LUTHER JR, “Non-Violent-Campaign” for Biafra sovereignty. NDIGBO call it “Osi Uka’ (revealing discretely a classified document)


As you go along addressing your various followers and audiences, you have to be very cautious talking about religious issues. Religion today is a divisive topic. So far only very few Biafrans  are worried about yours religious affiliation; since Igbos believe in freedom of worship . Nobody cares if you practice Christianity or  Judaism. I am a staunch Roman Catholic to the core, but may abandon you if you speak ill of my faith or Lord Jesus. Followers of other religious beliefs share my pronouncement, and follow suit in forsaking you if you mix religion and politics. What every Biafran wants is impeccable leadership, whose words and actions will bring shame to all corrupt leaders, who have misled the people in the past.



 Igbo people are blessed with a lot of human and material resources, but at the hour of need they don’t perform; they get confused; they are disunited; and their enemies make fun of them! Please NDIGBO let’s recover our senses! It is not NNAMDI’S BIAFRA. IGBOLAND doesn’t belong to one person, NNAMDI KANU. “IGBO ENWE EZE”. But Igbos have leaders, and often ‘charismatic’ ones. And as far as millions of ordinary Igbo people are concerned, as of today, NNAMDI Kanu is one of them. He is intelligent and if surrounded by more disciplined and even more intelligent and patriotic Igbos than he is, Igbos will emerge victorious in the present predicaments. If Igbos follow this guy with cynicism, and not with constructive and enlightened support, we all and generations to come will pay heavily for our collective mistakes and failures. If the SECOND BIAFRA REVOLUTION fails, that will be the greatest calamity the Igbo race would have suffered in world history.  Mark my words.

(to be continued)

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