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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Opinion: DNA Test In Nigeria: What to do if you find out the kids aren't yours

As written by Cynthia

What is wrong in a man knowing about the paternity of his child when he suspects a foul play?

These days, it's no more a big deal, some married women cheat more than the men, I don't judge these people, some stories you will hear and your ears will spin, some women are going through hell, some men too are going through the same hell.
A lot of people are seated in their marriages these days because of their children.

In Some marriages, love have flown away through the windows.

Some marriages are now open marriages, in the situation they find themselves.

Some are trying to build themselves back to shape, after meeting different people outside for sometime,and one or two things brought them back to each other again.

Some got divorced, went separate ways and fate brought them back again.

People have been through thick and thin in their marriages, that made them take one decision or another, which will either ruin or make their marriages, yes it happens. Whatever you case might have been in your own marriage, you wear the shoes, and you know where it pinches you the most.


You chose to cheat, so don't you blame it on anybody, either husband or wife. You chose to cheat, because if you don't want to, you should have ended the god damn marriage or remain celibate and have your peace.

Nobody should come and preach to me that his/her partner drag them to start looking elsewhere,gerrahia mehn! If I hear that lie language of your partner drove you to this or that, I will not only slap the living day light out of your eyes, but I will clique unfriend buttons. Gini ka Ana akodi ihea!

A man saying his wife drove him to cheating outside, marry your cheating mistress and call her your 2,3,4,5 wife or whatever. A woman saying she was lacking attention, get out and marry your lover, if where he is, is where the attention lies. So if you can't do all these, shut the hell up and cheat responsibly ! Ndi ara.

It is very mean for a woman to allow her husband father a child he is not the biologically father to. That is so mean, take that to the bank, I don't care what anybody says in this!

You did not only cheat, you forgot your bags of condom, no close pharmacy around to get an emergency one, you opened your useless legs and he poured his filthy sperm into you, you knew you are ovulating and still yet allowed the hooligan to impregnant you, you were so happy carrying his baby, watching your husband pay for ante natal bills and at the back, you run go meet him to keep pouring his sperm on his child till the day of delivery, and when he or she is born, your husband took the pain or training him till he graduate from high school. You are not only mean but can murder when given a chance. Nonsense!!

That you want to take revenge on your husband because he cheated on you should not include giving him another mans child in place of his. That is sickening ! If he proudly wants to adopt, you both should do that, not you as a woman playing a sick mind game on a man you call your husband. Crazy !!!

  It's all in the air, advises on men going for DNA, it's all fine and good, but let me ask you as a man going to find out, what will you do when you find out all the children aren't yours? Will you chase a child who has called you daddy for 10 -15 years away because of the gullibility of your wife ? No. Frankly speaking you can't see the heart to do such to that child, you won't ! The highest you can do is to send their mother away and have your sanity, yes that is the least.

The way it is in women, that is the way some men are disgracing their families up and down, having children with their mistresses, training them at the back of their innocent wives and when they pass away, the woman live to hear stories of their husband children and his flirting escapades which will break the wife more down . Some men are women are big disgrace to their marriages and society at large!!

Enough of all these DNA charade, even the DNA can be tampered with if the doctor is a useless pussified/ dickified idiot, so save me the jamboree!!! God is the original doctor who can give us the DNA accurate result, so go to him. DNA test is damn too expensive, who can take such risk with 6 children?

Let's fill the air of marriage with decency and trust please, enough of some nonsense I hear theses days !

Women, be very careful, losing your sense will not only cost you your marriage but will leave a stigma that you will live with. A lot are going through hell, I advise if you can't endure the heat, get out of the kitchen, the world will say no shit, yes. The fear of what people will say has kept a lot of people in their horrible marriages, and they have no choice but to cheat outside and nurse their wounds. That is it.

   A man cheats, people pat him at the back, but when a woman cheats, the world goes berserk, women are humans, they have feeling too. A woman's most desirable need from her husband is "ATTENTION" . That is all, but some men prefer to see her beg for that, doom is what awaits any man who leaves his wife in the cold. Ana eme !

 When you find out the child isn't yours, train him or her, their is a special blessing that comes from that, God blesses who clothes and feeds a helpless child the more. I have them 5, I want to add two more to my kids, I want to go and adopt more. I love children. So don't only train your kids, if you have the capacity, extend your hands to the helpless and train any you can lay your hands on.

Let me tell you, even you shouting DNA all over Facebook don't know your biological father except the one you saw while growing up. How sure are you he is your biological father? Did you father run a DNA test on you and your siblings, so why are you faster than your shadow?

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