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Friday, 6 September 2019

ZEEWORLD: Friday September 6th 2019 update on "Mehek"



The episode starts with Mehek telling Julie that she has to be strong so that they can find neev. Mandhar overheard her and asks what will you do? Whats your plan? Mehek says you will be jailed for all your wrong doings and I won’t let you roam free. Mandhar says if you try doing anything I will get Neev eaten by dogs. He starts digging grave while Mehek sits with Julie. Mandhar says see I did his funeral now you will do what i want to get Neev back. Mehek asks what do you want? He says I want 1 crore and then I will go to Dubai and you will keep Neev I don’t care. Mahek says where will i bring 1 million from? Archie comes close to Shaurya. Shaurya calls out mehek's name in sub consciousness. Archie tells him that she will erase Mehek’s memories forever. She takes off Shaurya’s shits and kisses his chest. She says your Mehek must be dead by now. Harki says Karuna is not well because of what happened today and Shaurya has gone too his phone is off as well. Kanta assures him that Shaurya will come home don’t worry. Dolly says Archie isn’t picking her phone either that they will come back don’t worry. Vicky comes home and says Shaurya is nowhere to be found.

Kanta says to Jeevan i dont trust this Archie at all. Next morning, Archie wakes up next to Shaurya. She turns her phone on. She calls Mandhar but his phone is off. Archie says I have to play next steps smartly. Shaurya wakes up and says where am I? Archie pretends to cry. Shaurya says what happened? She says you were in anger. I tried to stop you a lot but you came close to me. I wont let this come between our friendship. He says I have to leave. Archie says I will come with you. I will come with you. Shaurya says I don’t know how this happened.
She says I am equally responsible. He says I am waiting for you in the car. Archie says when I tell his family he has already been physical with me they will get us married.

Harona says to Kanta we will get the food truck reconstructed. Kanta says we just want Shaurya to come back and Karuna to get well soon. Shaurya comes in. Harsh says where were you both? Archie says I am sorry. I was at mistake too. We were together all night. Our phones were off. Then we got so lost that we forgot about our phones. Dolly says you two were together all night? Mahek comes in.
Shaurya says Mahek? She says no i am Vandana. My family has faced a lot of trouble because of you and I am here to ask for a payback. You have to payback for troubling us. I want 1 crore right now. Or i will go to media and tell them everything you have done to me. Give me the money. Shaurya says I was wrong. My Mahek could never be like this. She says thank God you have realized. Shaurya says it was an insult to compare you to my Mahek. I will pay you and thanks for making me realize you are not Mahek. Mahek says don’t waste my time and give me money. Kanta slaps her. Kanta says you are right this can’t be our Mahek I brought her up and She can never stoop this low.

Mahek says don’t give me this lecture. Give me money and let me go. Archie says Shaurya they are blackmailers. Don’t listen to them. Mandhar says don’t say a word or you will be in trouble. Give us our money. Shaurya says Vicky bring money. I don’t want to see their faces ever again. Mahek says in heart I hope they understand I am Mahek. Mahek says we will get all our works done. We will buy a car. Red. We will name name it lalli. And every sunday we will go out in lalli to have ice cream. Mandhar says what are you saying. Mahek says in heart chachi please understand that I am Mahek.
Mahek says when you have money you can do anything. Like even rull bulldozer on a neighborhood. Shaurya says thanks for opening my eyes. I will trust my real people now. Like Archie who did so many sacrifices. I will marry her today. I will rectify all my mistakes. Mahek is dazed. Shaurya gives Mahek money and says go from here. Mahek leaves with Mandhar. Kanta says to Jevan we should be with Shaurya. Jevan says she is not Mahek.

Archie says to Shaurya calm down please. Kanta and Jeevan leave. Archie says I warned you but you didn’t listen. Don’t marry me due to pressure of last night. Shaurya says I will marry you today. Mahek comes out and says Mandhar I will kill you if you don’t give me Neev back. Kanta says to Jevan she is Mahek. She was giving us hints. She needs our help. Kanta says use your mind. She sees Mahek and Mandhar going. She follows them in another auto. Shaurya takes out Mahek’s wedding dress. Archie comes and hugs him. She says I will fix everything. Shaurya says you should go now. Archie says as you want. Kanta calls Shaurya. Archie says its some unknown number let me check. She hangs up. Archie calls dolly and tells her everything. Dolly says Mahek is dead and we should try moving ahead too now. Mahek and Mandhar come to an old shed. Julie is roped there. Mahek says ma.. Are you okay. She says where is neev? Jevan and Kanta are outside. He says there is Neev. I am going from here.

He leaves with money. Kanta and Jeevan see him going. Mahek tries to wake Neev up. Mahek says I wont let that Mandhar run like this. She goes out and looks for Mandhar. Kanta and Jeevan come inside. Mahek hits Mandhar with an axe. he takes it from her and pushes her in water. Shaurya dresses as groom and comes downstairs. Shaurya says in heart why do I feel so wrong? In the water, Mahek recalls Archie was behind her murder. Jeevan hits Mandhar, he says how dare you hit my Mahek. Kanta saves Mahek and gets her out of water. Neev is coming there. Shaurya is getting married to Archie. The rituals have started. Shaurya says I feel like someone is calling me. Shaurya says I feel like something is wrong. Neev says maa is drowning. Julie hits Mandhar on head. He falls down. Kanta and Julie try to get Mahek out of pool. Shaurya is lost somewhere.

Archie says what happened? Why are you so lost? Kanta and Julie throw a rope towards Mahek. Mandhar says to Julie instead of helping your son you are helping them. Jeevan hits Mandhar.


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