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Saturday 9 February 2019

Zeeworld: Sunday February 10th Update on Gangaa



Janvi asks Madhvi to do something to stop Sagar. Madhvi stands there like a statue. Janvi follows Sagar outside. She requests Ganga to stop Sagar. Make him understand that its about his future. What kind of a friend you are? You are quiet to see him ruining his life? Madhvi calls out for Sagar but Amma ji stops her. Janvi tells Sagar she will make Dadi ji and aunty understand. Neither you nor Ganga has to go anywhere. Amma ji stays firm on her decision. Sagar notices her stopping his mother. It isn’t important who is at fault. Dadi said that Ganga has been really insulted. I will come back only after clearing her name. Amma ji keeps stopping Madhvi. Sagar and Ganga leave. Janvi thinks she wont let it happen. Ganga cannot take Sagar with her. She looks at Madhvi who heads inside.

Janvi tries to paint Gangaa black to Amma ji and Madhvi. Everybody in Chautervedi house is taunting Ganga at this point and What will people think if they see Sagar with Ganga at this time, Amma ji refused to think about this. Supriya tries to call Pulkit. He will make Sagar understand and bring him back. Janvi continues speaking against Ganga. Ganga finally did what she wanted. She took your son and grandson away from you. Madhvi nods. Sagar cannot do it. He cannot stay outside alone with Ganga. I will call him and make him swear on my love. Amma ji does not want Ganga to come. Sagar will not stay outside alone. Madhvi does not mind it. Let her stay here. Amma ji does not say anything. Janvi is against Gangaa coming back to the house.

Sagar is seen looking for a place to spend the night. There is a hotel that offers no place for bachelors. He sees Madhvi’s his mom's call but rejects her call. Madhvi calls Sagar's number again but he rejects again. Madhvi is worried. Janvi tries to think where Ganga might have taken Sagar to. She calls Sagar. He is talking to the receptionist of another hotel. He rejects Janvi’s call too. She is sad. What will people say? Amma ji says people won't say anything to him. she is a girl. Ganga has done a big wrong for bringing a rift between my grandson and me. I will never forgive her. Sagar wants to try another place. She tells him to go home but he refuses to leave her side. She is sure this hotel will also refuse to let them stay here. He gives her a clotg to cover herself up. He touches his bandage. Sagar asks the receptionist for a room for him and his wife. Ganga is left speechless.

The receptionist enquires from Gangaa and Sagar which name the room is to be booked. Sagar replies Mr. & Mrs. Chaturvedi. He gives his ID to her to copy. They collect the keys of the  room. Meanwhile in the room, Sagar tells Ganga that he is sorry for lying but at least they got a place to sleep he leaves the room and tells Ganga he will be back. Ganga looks at image in the mirror. She reflect Sagar’s words and looks at the vermilion hidden in her hairs. Ganga says this may be a lie for you but it is the greatest truth of my life.



  1. Enter your comment...I'm hapy DAT sagar finally stood up for gangaa

  2. Janvi may pushed Gangaa away but she doesn't know that she's busy bringing them together. Let's see who wins this game madam Janvi.

  3. I'm so excited dat sagar stood beside gangaa.

  4. Janvi didn't know that the more she create a rift BTW ganga
    and sagar the more there bond get stronger

  5. at last Sagar stood up 4 gangaa. Love is so sweet.
    Janvi 😛😛😛

  6. This is getting more interesting. The part am eagerly waiting to see is the part where sugar puts lots of humilion on Gangaa's head.

  7. yash and his mom are despicable

  8. Am very glad Sagar finally stood up for Gangaa, Janvi can only try her luck but she won't win