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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Zee World: Wednesday Update On 'The Vow' Episode 661-663

Amar and Divya are hugging while Divya is crying, Amar apologize to her, and promise that he won't ever leave her to go anywhere." Divya says asks if he swear?" Amar nods his head yes and says, "If she give him a big smile before going to sleep, he would love it." Divya give a smile. Amar and Divya go into their room Amar lays Divya down on the bed and he sits down and starts to pet her head, Divya goes to sleep. Amar stands up but Divya is holding on to his arm, so he sits back down, Amar has a flashback to when Divya got lost while Amar went to get icecream and he has another flashback to when he came home and Divya was staring at the TV and Diya was in the bath tub, and then he has a flashback to when Divya thinks she is pregnant.

The next morning, Amar is talking on the phone with the doctor he tells, the doctor she was watching TV and left Diya in the bathtub, and when he came back home she forgot she had a child. She thinks she is pregnant and don't understand. He begs the doctor to do something." The doctor says, this doesn't look like a post-coma sign and tells him to do one thing by bringing her to Delhi and she will do a scan of her brain to find out what's wrong." Amar hangs up the phone and he looks at Divya sleeping. Bebasi song plays in the background. Amar walks towards Divya's bed. On the other hand, Bharat is sitting down and he starts to see Aditi around, he walks over to her and then she disappears. Amar is about to touch Divya's face, but he doesn't, he stands up and walks away, everywhere he looks he sees Divya. Then Amar walks over to Divya she has rose petals in hand and she blows them on Amar, Amar touches her face. Amar puts his hands flat on the floor and Divya walks on them and when she walks away her dupata touches Amar's face and Amar grabs onto her dupata.

Aditi is sitting in the rocking chair and Bharat walks over to her and she walks away Bharat grabs onto her hand.
Amar puts Divya's dupata on her head, and Divya and Amar continue to dance.
Bharat kisses Aditi and Aditi has a tear coming out of her eye. Aditi disappears, and Bharat has a flashback to when the police arrested her. Amar and Divya are dancing and Amar is about to kiss Divya but Divya pushes Amar's face away with her hand and Amar smiles. Just then, Amar snaps out of his dream. Divya is still laying on the bed. Aditi is in jail and the jailer says, "Someone has come to see her." She opens Aditi's cell and Aditi comes out.

Amar is sitting on the couch in Divya's room. Diya is laying next to Divya, Diya starts to cry and Divya wakes up. Divya asks, "Diya, what happened." Divya holds onto Diya, and then she gets up from the bed, she hands Diya to Amar and says, "she is coming in a minute." Divya leaves. Amar kisses Diya on the forehead. Amar's phone rings, Aniket is on the other line. Aniket tries to informs him about Aditi arrest.." Amar interrupts Aniket and says, "Divya doesn't feel well so they are coming back to Delhi tonight...he will tell him the rest later." Amar hangs up the phone. Diya starts to cry, Divya comes in the room and she has a bottle of milk. Divya takes Diya into her hands and starts to give her the milk. Divya says, "asks where are they going to go today?" Amar says, "Today they are going back to Delhi." Divya asks, "But why?" Amar says, his uncle called and he planned a they are going there." Divya says, "Then they should go now, and says right Diya?" Divya takes Diya and leaves. Amar whispers to himself, he thank God she remembered.

Bharat has come to see Aditi in jail but there is a fence between them. Aditi says, she was waiting for him. She knew that he would come to meet her in the morning." Aditi has her hands up against the fence and Bharat puts his hands on top of Aditi's hands and asks, "How is she doing? He is feeling very incomplete. He tried everything to get her out of here, but it's not working and that one thing is really bothering him. He asks how did all this happen. The food was made in their house and she is the one that made the food so how did the poison get into the food? He have a feeling someone put the poison there on purpose." Aditi asks, what did he think and who did this? No one from outside came home, and the maids were all given the day off, Then Who?" Bharat asks, "who did she think it could be?" Aditi says, "That day only she was home and...his mother. Bharat asks, "what did she mean that his mom did all this. He takes his hands away from Aditi's hands, and he leaves. Aditi yells, "Bharat but he refuses to listen. Amar comes in the room and Divya is sitting with Diya. Amar says, the car is broken. He tells Divya and Diya to stay here and he will call the mechanic." Divya says, "That's good, they will stay a little longer together in Shimla." Amar remembers when the doctor said, next time Him and Divya had to be more cautious. Amar says, he was thinking, and want to take Diya with him as she could help him find a mechanic." Divya says, "How will you take her?" Amar says, "Diya will get bored and doctors say that she should take kids out. He will be back soon." Amar kisses Diya on the forehead, and they leave.

Sindoora comes to the jail. Aditi is surprised to see her and asks how did she get here." Sindoora says, she just wanted to see how she was as she tried to get her son to go against her, she asks how much did she know? She went against her, and asks what did she think, thatshe can go against Sindoora. With one snap of her finger she can change people's lives. She tells her to look at her condition and to look at where she is standing. It's not that easy, to go against Sindoora. Every morning yell, she was the one that got her in to this. She feel bad for her because she was never her target and she is just getting in her way. Her target is Bharat. He wanted to take her life, he wanted to kill his mom. When someone goes against Sindoora she never forgives them even if he is her own son. She will hurt the whole family... She will ruin all of them..

Divya goes into the kitchen and she turns on the gas bur she can't light it, she puts the lighter down and she looks around, she forgets to turn off the gas. She looks in all the cabinets, and then she sees matches. She picks up the matches and starts to stare at them. Amar comes in and he calls, "Divya" He starts to smell gas. Amar puts Diya down. He runs to the kitchen, Divya is starting to light the stove. Amar finally reaches the kitchen and he has a shocked look on his face.
Amar has just come inside the house, and he doesn't see Divya so he calls out to Divya."

Amar smells something so he puts Diya down, and he runs to the kitchen and he yells, "Divya.". Divya is about to light the stove with matches but Amar runs over to her and slaps the matches out of her hand. Amar turns off the gas and he starts to cough. Amar walks over to Divya and hugs her and assures, her that everything is okay and not to worry. Bharat is with a lawyer and he Thank him so much." The lawyer says, he was just doing his duty. He have to go now, and that his wife will be out in a few minutes." Bharat waits for Aditi and then Aditi comes behind him and says, calls "Bharat." Aditi hugs Bharat and, thank him so much. She must have been very good in the past janam that is why she got such a nice husband like him." Bharat tells her to et's go." Aditi asks, if he find out who put the poson in the food." Bharat asks, if she is trying to trap his mother."
Divya is standing near the window and Amar tells her to come on in order to go home, sit in the car and he will be there in a minute." Divya goes over to Diya and picks her up and she takes her outside. Amar comes outside too.

The doorbell rings at the Singh Mansion and someone opens the door, Bharat and Aditi are home. Sindoora comes with an arti ki thali, she calls her son and she takes Bharat and Aditi's arti. Sindoora tells Aditi, not to think too much as she never did anything bad to anyone so god won't let anything bad happen to her. She adds that whatever happened to  forget about it. She was just praying for her." Bharat then tells Aditi to see, how much his mom loves her. He tells his mom that he will be right back." Bharat leaves, the phone starts to ring and Aditi picks it up. It is Amar's phone saying he will come home early. Aditi goes to Sindoora that, "It was Amar call, she informs her that Amar and Divya are coming back home, she tells Sindoora to give her the thali, she have to do so many preparations." Aditi takes the arti ki thali out of Sindoora's hands and she leaves. Sindoora thinks, how did this happen, how is Divya returning this early, she wonders if Divya tell Amar everything about her.

Chandra is standing next to Sagar's mom and Chandra says, she wanted to come earlier, but she didn't finish all the work.... It was just here and asks where did it go." Aniket comes and asks, what is she looking for?" Uma says, "Nothing and just red pepper." Aniket says, "Red pepper, but why?" Uma then says, "Amar and Divya are coming home that's why and when Divya was in a coma, Gauri prayed for her and she got better. Diya is coming back and she doesn't feel very well, they can get rid of the evil that surrounds her." Aniket says, "Oh. Uma says, she forgot to tell him that Ranbir and Ranos, wedding card is here. Their wedding is tonight at 11. They will surely go. She adds that now that Amar and Divya are coming back so they will surely go." Aniket reads the card and says, "Ranbir and Rano. The card is really nice." Bharat comes and sees Chandra, he asks Chandra when did she come." Chandra says, she ve been here for a long time now and asks where was he." Bharat asks, what's going on, waiting for sister in-law. His mother is also waiting to see Divya, and she has the right to because what his mother did for Divya, he don't think any of them could have done that." Aniket says, that he have to say one thing, Divya shouldn't find out that Aditi went to jail. Divya is not feeling well and Aditi their daughter is back with them.

Amar gets out of the car and then he goes to Divya's side and opens her door, and they walk towards the house, and Divya goes up to the Tulsi and touches it, the Tulsi doesn't have any leaves on it and it is dryed out, so Divya says, "she wasn't here for so many days that's why the Tulsi wasn't taken care of. No one gave her Tulsi water." Amar says, "Divya everything will get better. Now they will take care of Tulsi themselves. He tells her to come on." Divya gives Diya to Amar, and Divya gives the Tulsi some water. Amar and Divya go inside the house. Aditi runs up to Divya and Amar and tells Divya that they missed her alot. She tells her to give the baby to her." Divya gives Diya to Aditi. Aditi informs her that they have fixed her room so she can go and rest." Uma says, "First they will get rid of the evil that is surrounding them then they can come inside. Uma does a small pooja, and she then gives the thali to Chandra and tells her to burn the chilis that were in the plate. Chandra says, "they are so happy to see her home." Bharat tells, them to wait for one minute that he will call his mother. Aditi refuses, that he can stay here and she will get her." Sindoora is in her room and she is pacing back and forth and she is thinking, she think that Divya still hasn't told anyone her truth because if she did there would be something happening by now. What if she forgot everything and she might remember when she go infront of her. She shouldn't go infront of her." Sindoora has a suitcase and she starts to put clothes in the suitcase.

Aditi comes into Sindoora's room and asks if she is going somewhere? Atleast, she should see Amar and Divya before she leave. It's obvious, that she don't like Divya coming back home, but both of them have come home and everyone is waiting for her. She tells her mother-in-law to come on. Uma says, "It's good that the children came home and that without them, this house was so empty. And everyone always thinks about Diya." Aditi and Sindoora come down the stairs and Sindoora acidentally bumps a flower pot and it draws everyone's attention to Sindoora. The flower pot rolls from the stairs to right infront of Divya but Amar stops it with his foot. Divya has a flashback from the night when Sindoora pulled the carpet from underneath her and she fell of the stairs.

Sindoora is walking down the stairs and Divya is staring at her, and she is having flashbacks of when Sindoora pulled the carpet from underneath her. Divya walks towards Sindoora, and Sindoora walks towards Divya, tears start to come out of Divya's eyes, and she continues to have flashbacks of when Sindoora, made her fall down the stairs. Divya clenches her fist, and her eyes slowly close and she faints. Amar yells "Divya" name. Amar sits down next to Divya and starts to massage her hand and says to Bharat, to call the doctor. Uma asks, what happend to her." Amar says, "Someone bring water." Aditi goes to get Divya some water and Bharat tells the doctor to come to their house. Amar starts to sprinkle water on Divya's face so that she will wake up.

Divya is in her room and the doctor is also there. Amar and the rest of the family are in the hallway and Uma says, "After coming out of the coma Divya was completely fine and then she even went with Amar to Shimla, then what happend all of a sudden." The doctor comes out of the room and says, he gave her an injection and now to let her get some rest as her BP was low, and she will have to come to the hospital and get scanned. There is something else wrong besides her BP being low..." Amar says, "It could be that she has stress." The doctor says, "That could be, but first she have to get her scanned and then get the reports, to see exactly what is wrong.

Divya's condition is getting worse. Bring her to the hospital as soon as possible and right now she have to go." The doctor leaves. Aniket asks, "Amar what was the doctor saying about a brain scan. What happend to Divya." Chandra too asks, "what happend." Bharat urges him to tell them, and asks what is he hiding." Amar holds onto Aniket's hand and says, "Divya is starting to forget everything." Sindoora thinks, "This time Divya is forgetting everything herself. Maybe this time she won't have to do anything, she will try to trap Divya so badly that she will become completely pagal.

Amar comes inside of Divya's room, and he starts to cry, he sits on Divya's bed and starts to pet her head, Divya slowy starts to wake up. Divya asks, why is this all happening." Amar says, "What?" Divya says, "It feels like she won't be able to remember anyone or see anyone." Amar says, "It's okay Divya nothing like that will happen. He won't let it happen. If anything like that does happen, he will stay with her. She know why because he have made a promise that he will stay with her in this janam and the janams to come and it is his duty to take her out of hard times. He need her." Amar thinks of when the doctor said that he had to take Divya to the hospital fast. Amar and Divya are at the hospital. Amar kisses Divya's hand and says, "he is here with her."

A nurse comes and takes Divya away and Amar sits on a bench outside Divya's room. The doctor is checking Divya's x-rays and Amar comes in and asks, the doctor if she call him" The doctor says, "Yes, she wanted to show him Divya's brain scan and she wanted to explain something to him." The doctor points to the x-rays and says, "This is the spot where Divya's fall effected, and there are clots that are starting to form that is why she is starting to forget things." Amar asks, "How long will this occur and how long will it take for her to remember everything." The doctor says, she don't want to lie to him. There isn't much sign that Divya will remember everything, but there are signs that Divya will forget everything forever."

Divya is asleep, Amar calls her names and he sees that she is asleep and he smiles, he goes over to her bed and gets closer to her and says, "I love you Divya." He touches her face, and kisses her on the forehead. He is about to leave but Divya grabs onto his hand and opens her eyes, and smiles at him. Amar asks her that she haven't go to sleep yet." Divya sits up and makes some room for Amar to sit. She holds onto his hands. Amar asks, what did she want to say." Divya says, "what did he think, will she forget him." Amar says, "No. Never." Divya says, he shouldn't think that either, because she him you alot, and their love can never decrease. They've always loved each other and will keep loving other. Sagar Vidya and Amar Divya." Divya holds onto Amar and kisses his face, Divya expresses her love to him that "she love him." Amar says, "he love her too." Diya starts to cry and Amar realizes that the conversation between him and Divya was just a dream. Amar leaves Divya's room.

Amar picks up Diya and she is crying, he kisses her on the head and says, she is alone and she is missing her mommy. He is also missing her a lot. Mommy isn't feeling well, but father is here and he will give her Dad's love and Mom's love, both. He won't let tears come in her eyes or mommy's eyes, and he won't ever leave her alone or her mom alone." Bharat comes into Amar's room and he says, "he is not alone, he is with him and they are all with him. Together they will take care of Diya and Divya. They will show Divya to all the best doctors in the world." Amar tells, "Bharat, that he is so thankful of god that he got a brother like him. He thank him." Bharat says, "No Amar, god has given him a brother that has always been with him and now he won't let him be alone." Sindoora listen to them and thinks, "No Bharat while she is here no one will be able to love each other or help eachother. She have already gotten hi. away from Aditi, and now she will break apart this Ram-Bharat jodi.

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