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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Anambra's Choice: In The Crossroad And The PDP Infighting, By Tobenna Obiano

As the Anambra Gubernatorial elections quickly draws nearer, there has continued to be turns of surprises, from party politics, internal democracy, game of numbers, blame games, missive shot firing and many other truly anticipated and unsurprisingly, litanies of unforeseen wonders popping up. The intrigues and turns are becoming endless.

Things are quickly settling for some, while trouble looms amongst others. The major players and contenders are pushing harder and endlessly with hope of clinching victory. There are ofcourse, many disagreements amongst party loyalists, her leaders and particularly, major contenders. As the saying goes, a house divided against itself never stands.

APGA as a party still has a little internal crisis of the authenticity of the National Chairmanship and which primaries and Gubernatorial candidate would his victory stand. Lately, many of us have strong reasons to take the candidacy of the incumbent, Chief. Willie Obiano under the leadership of Chief. Victor Oye more serious. Ofcourse, the humble, seasoned and polished Dr. Nkem Okeke from Anambra Central remains Obiano's running mate.

The APC after a rough path and serious struggle has settled and upheld the candidacy of Chief. Tony Nwoye, even as Chief. Andy Ubah, another serious contender hasn't been seen lately in the news as regards his push for the nomination. The flag bearer, Tony Nwoye has picked the son of Dozie Ikedife from Anambra Central as his running mate.

The UPP seems to be the only party that isn't yet any serious confusion, disagreements and rancour, they have succeeded in having a strong tie and an unparalleled affiliation with rising followership. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks, Chief. Osita Chidoka is a smart man. He was featured on Channels television where he schooled the Nigerian political class on what governance entails and what to expect, should he be elected Governor of Anambra. Slowly, some of us are beginning to take UPP seriously. He had also picked an investment banker and financial expert from Anambra South as running mate.

The PDP should have settled theirs amicably and maturely, but there seems to be a man ongoing internal crisis, which if not managed quickly and intelligently, may mar their chances at the polls. The party at National level have okayed the primary election that produced Mr. Oseloka Obaze, a fine and refined gentleman of international repute.
Meanwhile, he has picked the first daughter of Dr. Alex Ekwueme from Anambra South as his running mate.

Even then, there is still crisis within, where loyalists maintain that the election that brought Mr. Obaze to power were marred by irregularities. It is often easy to dismiss allegations and cries for justice, especially and particularly when we are not directly involved. Fact is that you cannot beat a child and again stop the child from crying. If anyone feels sidelined or shortchanged, he or she has every right to push for justice.

Today, nations of the world suffer setbacks and series of troubles and unprogressiveness, this is majorly because of the the big role of injustice, unfairness, lack of equity and problem of trust, these are the leads that bring about criminality and crisis. PDP today is at the crossroad.

Peter Obi's entrant into governance influenced me and his records still astound that of many. That's why many of us fall amongst his fans. Oseloka Obaze's person is class, an epitome of humility, decency and maturity with an unmatched profile that can dwarf and ridicule those of many. Ifeanyi Ubah has been a man who's rise from grass through grace to glory serves best as a window of inspiration and motivation to all struggling young persons in the path to attaining greatness. Those endeared many and myself to him.

I have read many people, especially good friends and those who are sentimentally driven and only aiming at getting me speak from two sides of my mouth. What I say today, I will repeat in the next ten years. I take my decisions and choices seriously. The ongoing imbroglio that has bedeviled the PDP worries most of us, honestly. Again, it is pertinent to note that I'm no politician and may not be anytime soon. While I admire the major players, all I can do is to stand for justice, equity, fairness and truth while giving my sincere and kind advise.

Ofcourse, friendship or advise or writing about majorly the PDP doesn't assure of my decision to support them in the forthcoming elections. I take my voting seriously and I can only decide on a choice of candidate after painstakingly under studying all of the contenders, their manifestos and what to expect. To me, my vote is truly my power.

It is only unfortunate that the PDP which Nigerians are gradually turning to, as their surest path to glory from the inglorious, pitiful and shameful sham and scam of the APC, this same PDP has chosen to again thread the path of divisiveness. The Messiah-like hope Nigerians now have on the PDP may turn to become a joke.

I will discuss Ifeanyi Ubah in focus, because he has continued to push and cry out to all who care to listen that there were irregularities in the primaries. I have also seen the clip going viral online and that summed my decision to write. His appeal and cry for justice, equity and fair-play shouldn't be waved down, we should discuss it and allow fate take it's cause.

Most people know that I and Dr. Ubah are friends, but let's face facts, friendship aside, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah is one man who has given a lot for the good of mankind from all quarters, to the church, the various communities, Igboland, the Nigerian nation state and by extension Africa. What hasn't he done?

Singlehandely, he is building a magnificent house of God for the Catholic Diocese of Nnewi. He has constructed roads in his community and put up street lights. He has donated relief materials to those who need it. He has a very active foundation, the Ifeanyi Ubah Foundation which is breaking bounds and doing wonders all over.

In the call for Igbos think home mentality, he is building what would likely become Africa's biggest games village, his Ifeanyi Ubah's games village located in Nnewi, Anambra State which upon completion will house his stadiums, a 5-star hotel, a worldclass health center, a shopping mall, a cinema, infact, it would become a resort of sort generally. It also has his Authority FM radio station and his Authority Newspapers all domiciled in his home state of Anambra. This would employ no less than 5000 persons upon completion too.

Talk about beyond his home state, his Capital Oil and Gas located in Lagos State has remained a bedrock for Nigeria, mostly in times of lack and need. This oil facility is the largest oil tank farm in the whole of West Africa, providing jobs for thousands of Nigerians.

Often times, we hear of fuel or kerosene scarcity, Ifeanyi Ubah opens up his doors and floods the market with these products. Infact, even when powerful oil barons demand for higher gains, Chief. Ubah beats them to the game by working against it, why? Nigerians shouldn't suffer, just for him to make a multiplier gain. This is him. He is patriotic and thinks Nigeria first, always.

During last year's general elections, he invested a lot of money and even more with his initiative, the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria as a party loyalist. His objective was geared towards the reelection of the President and election of other then contestants under the party.

It is sad to read and watch what played out in Awka, hallmark was that virtually all aspirants insisted that the process is marred by irregularities. Contestants began appealing even before the election and they sorted for longer time frame be given, to correct and settle he worries and setbacks, but the PDP hierarchy refused to entertain that. That's simply unfair. The PDP should have listened and done the needful. It's sad, they fell by the roadside.

Ifeanyi Ubah has done his best, he has invested heavily in human and nation building, his likes shouldn't be paid wrongly this way. That act doesn't appreciate goodwill and goodness which was all he gave out willingly for the love of his political party and the people over the years.

As the saying goes, where a man's investments are, there his body, soul and spirit will be. If Chief. Ubah has invested a lot back home in Anambra, it's because he cares. He won't want his people or his investment to collapse. He will strive to build a stable economy for the state and improve his business to getting more investors to come.

The PDP mantra is "power to the people", well, it seems that lately now, it's become "power of some people". This is sad.

We must always encourage our politicians to shun petty politics and favoritism if we must get it right. We shouldn't always play bad politics to favour sides or persons or interests.

All I ask is a level playing ground, devoid of sentiments or bias where equal opportunity for all contenders should be a leading factor, and only the best can emerge. It is a determinant factor.

Quote me right, "I have remained an agent of doing things aright. I hope to remain so. There is no need for name calling and I will never ask that the PDP ticket be given on a platter or to settle past investments or as a dash, all I think is right and I request of the party is that, they run a thorough recheck on these worrisome allegations of irregularity and favors, where or if they are found to the true, let the primaries be repeated. The world will not end ..."

"Hear me loud and clear, don't gift anyone this ticket just without a common ground for votes and the people to decide, not even Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah or anyone else, let there be a level playing ground for equity and fairness sake and let them contest for it and may only the best win. Again, injustice to one amounts to injustice to all".

Lastly, there is news in the air lately, that for speaking up and pushing for justice and fairness, the PDP is contemplating on suspending Dr. Patrick ifeanyi Ubah. While this is laughable, though too expensive to be a joke, the leadership of the party should not be that myopic, insensitive and intolerant to voices of dissent. We mustn't all agree; for while we disagree, we still can remain agreeable.

Time isn't late yet, the wrong can still be made aright.

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